Alicia Economos is the founder and director of Wholehearted Living and the Wholehearted Living Coaching Certification Program. She is the author of five books, a Wholehearted Bible Study and the Wholehearted Living blog.

In addition, Alicia is a highly sought-after speaker. Drawing from more than 20 years of coaching, Alicia shares the simple steps to develop healthy relationships: with God, yourself and others.

With a fast-paced, interactive and often humorous approach, she shares stories you will relate to. As you hear about her own decluttering journey, you can’t help but be inspired to get rid of your own clutter (the stuff that weighs you down and prevents you from living wholeheartedly).

Here’s what others have to say about Alicia:

“Alicia’s passion to help others comes through in her presentations. She is an amazing speaker, keeping her audience engaged and sitting on the edge of their chairs.”– Dr. Tyler Molstre, Wellness Doctor at True Life Wellness

“Words to describe Alicia include authentic, heartfelt, passionate, delightful, enthusiastic and faithful. She is an excellent speaker, writer and heart coach. Alicia is a WOW!”– Lynn Heggen, Independent Health, Wellness & Spiritual Director

Angie Lookingbill’s energetic style and heartfelt stories captivate audiences everywhere. Sharing her experiences as a business owner, wife, mother and a child of God, she connects effortlessly and effectively with women of all ages. Angie has unique insight of how our beliefs about ourselves (often untrue) have a significant impact on our behaviors.

Angie is a certified Birkman Method behaviors coach and a graduate of the Wholehearted Living program. She is also the director of heart coaches and a member of the strategic development team for the Wholehearted Living ministry. Angie is a passionate and energetic woman who is committed to helping others to live wholeheartedly.

Here’s what others have to say about Angie:

“Working with Angie was a treat! Her personable but professional approach was perfect for our event.”– Julie

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