Discover who you are and your unique purpose.

Did you know that 75%  of women’s thoughts about themselves are negative and self-defeating?  Unfortunately, we’re all in the same situation; we’ve learned to be our harshest critic.

What would it feel like to stop being so hard on yourself and instead, to LIKE yourself,  value yourself, and encourage yourself?

Through the Wholehearted Living classes and coaching sessions, we help women just like you to declutter their lives – to get rid of the emotional, physical and spiritual “junk” that keeps us from the life we really want – the life God has prepared for us.

After completing the Wholehearted Living program, previous clients have revived their marriages, found more rewarding jobs, lost their excess weight, or started their own businesses.  All our clients have benefited greatly from applying the simple but highly effective tools we’ve developed; they’ve embraced their present and gotten excited about their future.

Wouldn’t you like to join them?  Say “yes” – to invest in yourself, to take care of yourself and to pursue your dreams. Thousands have already participated in our program, and we will impact thousands more now that we offer coaching for women anywhere, regardless of their location.

Our team consists of certified heart coaches who are all graduates of the Wholehearted Living program.  These women have experienced incredible transformation in their own lives and are committed to helping others experience the same.

We’re ready to help YOU declutter your life so you can embrace and celebrate who you are – and the incredible life that God has prepared for you.



“I struggled with dieting for most of my adult life. Through the Wholehearted Living program, I learned a lack of willpower wasn’t the issue. As I developed a healthy relationship with myself, I no longer needed food for comfort. Knowing I’ll never go on another diet is priceless!”  —Cindy



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“Because of the Wholehearted Living program, I learned to let go of the guilt and shame of my divorce. Consequently, my confidence grew and I’m now enjoying much healthier relationships. This was truly a new lease on life and I’ve never been happier.”  —Lisa

“Through the Wholehearted Living program, I learned to love myself so I can share that love with others in my life. I’m forever a fan of this program, which changed my life for the better!”  —Heidi

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